Things That Don’t Make The Holidays Brighter


1. The Flashing ? Icon on your Mac.

2. DiskWarrior reporting 131 block read errors while trying to “locate directory data.”

3. The fact that I just spent $100 to have DiskWarrior tell me my drive was shot.

4. It’s not the backup that’s an issue (which I have), but that it is just the story files. All the applications and other widgets that I had set up are now probably gone. Thank goodness for being minimalist in the first place.

5. Oh, hey, wait. Lookee! “Step 6: Constructing optimized replacement directory.” This may not completely suck.

6. Verifying directory data . . .

7. And . . .

8. 721 folders had to be recreated. 499 files had be “moved to the ‘rescued items’ folder (which is the utility’s way of saying, “fuck if I can figure out where they belonged.”) 924 folders had an incorrect item count (which, in my experience with the old utilities means, there are files that are no longer connected to the tree and, well, sorry about that, but we’ll just adjust the item count for their folders so that you won’t miss them, really).

9. Previewing now. This might be the time when I upgrade to Leopard.