Should All Broken Circles Be Mended?


“If the New Weird argued that magic had a place in urban, modern, settings, then we ask you consider why do we still insist on calling it “magic.” Why do we lash ourselves to any of the language used in the last three hundred years to describe the “un”-human? Yes, “faery” and “vampire” and “lycanthropy” are useful tools because they give our audience something familiar, something to which they can cling as they are thrown into the textual sea, but these words are also boat anchors that will drag you down. We are children of the 21st century. We are hurtling towards “trans-” and “post-” in our humanity. Why is our language, our fantastic literature, not already there? Why is it not showing us the way? Urging us ever on?”

I’m part of the group who is blogging over at Broken Circles, where we are attempting to (initially) come to some sort of consensus about what it is that we’re doing with our words. From there, we will, I dunno, scamper off into the hills and put it all into action.

The above is pulled from my first post. Click over and join in. Poke holes in my arguments. That should be fun. And check out the rest of the discussion that Jonathan Wood, Paul Jessup, and others have been engaging in.