Sale to Moonlit Domes Anthology


Time management is the key, I think. I keep trying to juggle everything with the appropriate amount of attention and, not surprisingly, things keep slipping out of my hands. I never learned good time management when I had the time to do so and now, well, it’s just one of these things that perpetually haunts the To Do list. Back in my foggy pre-history, during the unemployed days, I got very little writing done day to day; when I was working two jobs, I was cranky out the pages like there was no tomorrow. Funny how that works. The same sort of environment now: full-time job, two kids and about sixteen projects that I’m currently trying to squeeze out. Maybe it isn’t so much time management that is key, but rather being un-stressed about the To Do list. Anyway, writing more regularly here is one of those things that drops off quickly when time vanishes and, eh, I wish it wasn’t so, but there are other more critical things to be done.

Thankfully, some of those things are resulting in forward progress in the writing career so I have an excuse to come round here every once in a while.

“The One That Got Away” sold to squirrel_monkey over the weekend. It’ll be in Moonlit Domes: The Anthology of Urban Fantasy, along with stories by Hal Duncan, Jay Lake, Darin Bradley, Jenn Reese, Catherynne M. Valente and a number of other folks whose work I’m not as familiar with. It’s a stellar group and I’m very pleased to be part of the party. This story worked me over pretty hard, and I’m thrilled that it found a home.

It’s an Empire City story, which makes it the third tale to see the light of day, along with “Chance Island” and “The Nihil Nation Manifesto”, and the first to see print publication.

“The Nihil Nation Manifesto,” by the way, is an excerpt from “Instrument,” an unfinished novella that some of you saw a few years ago. It’s been upgraded to INSTRUMENT, the book I’m working on while trying to swim through the research of THE PROMISE OF PIRATES.

Finished the nodes for the first dream for “The Oneiromantic Mosaic of Harry Potemkin” this morning. Need to clean up some details, send it off to nvonflue for art duties, and then the Farrago Lads and I will start talking about the technical details of making this thing work.

See? Not dead. Just busy.