Well, look at that. 77,000 words. 10 chapters to go. I do believe I have come out of the Trough of Great Despair and am making the climb toward the final rollercoaster ride to the end. This book might not be the death of me after all. In fact, I’m getting quite a kick of some of it. Especially the parts where everyone is very mean to each other. The surest sign they care.

I’ve also hit on the little detail that is going to haunt Markham the whole series. It’s one line from early on LIGHTBREAKER that speaks a great deal of his obsession with Kat, and it has come to symbolize the physical nature of his . . . investment in the matter at hand. Whatever that may be. Yeah, the payback for what he does in LIGHTBREAKER is going to be hanging over him a long time.

Too bad we have to wait until the end of Book 3 to deliver that bit of revenge unto him.

Caught Watchmen recently too. I agree with John Scalzi in that “it was fine.” And, in some ways, I think maybe it didn’t need to be made. Well, not entirely. The parts I really liked weren’t the spectacle, they were the little bits of humanity. Mostly involving Rorschach, especially his final scene. But what I’m really thinking about is how I’ve seen this film before. Not this film (and not because it’s so much a moving picture version of the graphic novel with better color-correction), but that the images weren’t anything new or wondrous.

Unlike, say, the forest elemental in Hellboy 2.

One of the things I really love about the advancements in special effects is that the bar is raised for the writers. It isn’t enough that we can dream it anymore, as anything we’ve imagined in the last ten years can easily be made by three guys and two laptops at the back table of a Starbucks. The movies have caught up with us. It’s time to go off and invent new things for them to figure out how to render. I like that having that challenge.