One Kraken Summoned


It took us all of three days to teach Solomon to say the new magic phrase. “Summon the Kraken!” He does it in his monster voice, rolling his eyes up towards the top of his head and growling deep in his throat. “Smmmon da Kraaa KEN!” He’s such a lovely trained monkey. I think it will go into the oeuvre along with “Cup of Gooooo!” and “More Coming!”

I have been idly researching the Black Death these last few days, wondering what if. What if the Black Death of the 14th century didn’t peter out in the early 15th century? What if it got worse and the Age of Exploration (you know, ’round 1492-ish) wasn’t an attempt to find trade routes but to find places safe from the plague. The early explorers were preparing for the Exodus from a plague-ravaged Europe. What if they all sailed out to see to find safe haven and…found something else?

THE PROMISE OF PIRATES. It’s starting to become a book idea. Alternative history type stuff. The sort of thing I never really wanted to get sucked in to, but you know? It’s been kind of fun deviating from history…