Oh Hi, Wayback Machine. How Are You?


I just had one of my corporate users call me and and say, “Hey, those last three records you reviewed–you know, on your website?–they sound cool. Can I borrow them?” And I had to think: which site? where? And then I had to go digging around ye olde web site to find out what he was talking about, whereupon I realized the archive goes back to ’02. There’s some useful research material in there.

As well as the “Naked City Initiation”, a piece I wrote for MungBeing back in the day about John Zorn’s Naked City project. I breezed through it again and hit the last few lines.

They’re exactly what I’m thinking about fiction these days.

[And, yeah, the personal website. Going to overhaul some of it over the next few days, and bring back the links to the music and the archive material. I’ll let you know.]