Novel Sale: Psychobabel, the book


Old Man Farrago is pleased to announce his first foray into print. In 2009, Farrago Press will release Psychobabel, a novel by Mark Teppo—the sequel to The Oneiromantic Mosaic of Harry Potemkin, which ran serially in 2007 at Farrago’s Wainscot.

From the Old Man’s wormeaten rolltop:

“Tell me your dreams.”

Harry Potemkin thought he was a simple back-alley dream surgeon, an unlicensed psychologist with a very unorthodox technique, but he has gotten lost in a dream, and he must figure out if it is his dream or the dream of his Adversary because in one of those two, he doesn’t really exist. And so begins the final conflict between a man who has never dreamed, and the man who is just a dream. Are they schizophrenic facets of each other, oneiric combatants locked in a perpetual struggle, or are they each a reflection of the other?

And the only anchor in either dream is the blackleaf, a rare entheogen that Trinity Pharmacopoeia will stop at nothing to procure, including flooding the dream realm with their poisons. The only bastion still standing in this toxic landscape is a shifting labyrinth of the “Potemkin Mosaic,” a four-dimensional dream journal that Harry doesn’t recall writing.

But he must have written it, as it is the collapsed summary of his life. Does he exist, or is he one sentient personality in a damaged psyche desperately trying to heal itself?

“The only thing you can’t do in a dream is dream, Harry.”

Some of you may have noticed a little pre-announcement that went round over the weekend through some blogs, pointing readers to what we’re calling the “expanded” edition of The Potemkin Mosaic. It is, essentially, the same content that ran at Farrago’s Wainscot, and we’ve simply added some more infrastructure to it–more choices to help you get lost, or to find your way. Hopefully, it’ll help those of you who haven’t had a chance to find a path you like, and for those of you who think you figured it all out, this may cement your theory in your mind. Because, trust me, we’re really only getting started.

The first twist is hinted at in the press release above. The second twist isn’t even in the Mosaic. Well, it is, but it’s only hinted at. If you want a real clue, you’ll have to read Barth Anderson’s The Magician and the Fool, which comes out tomorrow.