Music round-up.


It’s been awhile since I’ve done the music review round-up around here. Since I’m in the middle of having my brain implode on a short story that has been dogging me for a few weeks and there’s nothing to report on the latest book in draft (nor word from SOULS’ trip to NYC), I figure I’ll dump a list of records that might pique your curiosity (and give you reasons to visit your favorite indie record store). A number of them have been good company over the last few months.

Sephiroth :: Draconian Poetry :: “…This record will leave you feeling haunted and hunted, afraid of the bestial forces that lie beyond the edge of the firelight, in the dark places on the map. This is mythological poetry, the savage heartbeat of the untamed world.”

Milieu :: Beyond The Sea Lies The Stars, Beyond The Stars Lie The Sea, Aurora Borealis, and NightCurrents :: Four ambient records which make new paths across unmarked landscapes.

Keef Baker :: Pure Language EP :: “He weaves together disparate strands into a collection of tracks that are both retro and futuristic, boldly meshing the nostalgia of jazz lounges with the whiz-bang complexity of breakbeat futurism…”

International Peoples Gang :: Action Painting :: “…There’s a sense of falling down the rabbit hole with Action Painting, a constant sonic disorientation that both envelops and repulses you…”

Loscil :: Plume :: “…You don’t so much listen to a Loscil record as you succumb to its gravity well and fall into the endless iterations of its rhythmic universe…”

Beyond Sensory Experience :: The Dull Routine of Existence :: “…Tragic and beautiful, the very sort of soundtrack the Romantic Poets would have loved to hear while dying of consumption…”

Kilowatts :: Routes :: “…Mixing glitch and complex programming with warm downtempo and psychedelic loops, static and the sound of the rails with boarding announcements and lilting melodies, Kilowatts takes all the stress out of travel…”

Leafcutter John :: The Forest And The Sea :: “…More than just a fairy tale interspersed with bits of instrumental soundtrack, the record effortlessly slides from acoustic storytelling to ingenious experimentation allowing the listener to be part of the event and not just a witness to the retelling…”

Fabio Fonda :: Schema :: “…whose tracks are so organically inviting that your brain finds all manner of ways in which to unravel under the spell of Fonda’s solar-charged, liquid guitar…”

Quench :: Caipruss :: “…The tracks of Caipruss are quietly deft, forcing you to submerge yourself in them. Even as they dart away from you…”

The Protagonist and Des Esseintes :: Interim, Songs of Experience, and Mondo Macabro :: A three pack of Magnus Sundström’s neo-classical industrial work and his anarchist noise persona.

Cepia :: Atlantic Blood :: “…As a collection, Atlantic Blood has enough interesting ideas and interpretations to whet an appetite, but it is the few treats of Cepia’s own work that really make this record worthwhile…”

Emulsion :: Blue Sky Objective :: “…Blue Sky Objective is winsome without being saccharine, innocent without a hint of guile or cynicism, and the sort of thing that will crack a smile in a stone…”

Kyoto Jass Massive :: 10th Anniversary :: “…Compost Records celebrates a decade of Kyoto Jazz Massive’s indelible imprint upon the nu-jazz scene with the release of 10th Anniversary, a double CD collection of remixes, reinterpretations and straight-up original tracks…”

Fluorescent Grey :: Lying On The Floor… :: “…It’s a sonic brain dump, a vomitous mass of noise and rhythm and appropriated cultural melodies. You either listen to it or you ignore it; it functions either way…”