Hypertext Novel update: part 10


While I was gone, Old Man Farrago put up the 4th Installment of the Wainscot: Fall. It contains work from Forrest Aguirre, Michael Jasper, Yoon Ha Lee, Timothy S. Miller, Jenn Reese, Mark Cox, and Lise Goett, as well as Dream 10 of the The Oneiromantic Mosaic of Harry Potemkin.

Part 10 of 12, gang. We’re closing in on the end. Harry goes into the Subtext on this one; and we get to see the Twelve Houses (er, Thresholds), more conversations with Nora, and a series of good-byes–from Nora’s father and the few remaining oneironauts. And, buried in there, is the first hint of the end, which is also the beginning of something . . .

Anyway, wordy goodness. Go wander about.

Oh, and nvonflue does phenomenal work with the art. Again. I’m going to miss our monthly back-and-forth when the project is done.