Finished chapter five tonight. One of the first big rewrites. Well, maybe the second; Chapter Four needed some serious snip-snipping. Chapter Six is going to be mostly new, with stuff ganked from Eight and Nine. This is where the small size of my laptop screen is going to be a pain in the ass. Ah well, soldier on. A bit off my schedule but, eh, when is anyone ever ahead of schedule when they’re working on a book?

It’s been weird to dissect this book again. The first time though I thought I got all the meat out of it (well, okay, at the time I thought I rocked the house pretty well). On the heavy rewrite late last year, I felt pretty good about what I discovered about the characters. Now, it’s like another book again. Especially the last third which is going to have lots of new shiny bits. X-plody bits. You know, the ones I left out this last time.