Diet Soap Podcast is out


We’ve all survived our dance with the Piglicker Flue over here. This was not the year to partake of the Kiss a Pig For Charity booth at the Country Fair, just sayin’. All we have to show for it is stronger immune systems, one rather mundane (in the end) visit to the ER, and lots of conversations where we sound like old Soviet women who have worked for decades in the industrial factories. Such lovely party gifts. Thanks, swine flu; don’t bother stopping by next year.

I’m packing lunches and a suitcase this morning, so all I’ve got is a picture and a podcast.

Mark Henry lists Lightbreaker in his weekly ‘Shopping List for People Who Don’t Suck’, where it is #3 or #4 (depending on how you read his list). He also mentions that it is now in ‘wide release,’ which is code for saying that you can (finally) get it at Barnes & Noble. If our local stores are an indicator, they’ve brought in more than a handful for the shelves, so if you haven’t picked up a copy of the book yet (or need a second one to giveaway, ‘sallI’msayin’), show B & N a little love for playing catch-up.

Also, Doug Lain over at Diet Soap has posted their latest podcast, which includes a conversation with me on Lightbreaker and other occult topics (link). Go and listen to me mispronounce Aleister Crowley’s name and try to dodge the tough religious questions. I do these sorts of gaffs to appear as a dilettante, mind you. It worked for Lamont Cranston and Bruce Wayne; and remember, if you claim to a Rosicrucian, you probably aren’t. It’s the ones who appear like idiots that you have to watch out for.

For those who are going to WFC, I’ll see you in the bar in a few hours.