Photo Stream


I’ve finally wrangled an iPhone, and for as much of an Apple fan as I’ve been over the last few years, I would have thought that the iPhone (after several iPods, an iTouch, and an iPad), I would be well past being impressed by Apple’s attention to detail and their technological implementation.

Nope. Still giddily taken by it all.

One of the apps I downloaded almost immediately was Instagram, mainly because I do not pretend to be a good photographer, but I do like to take pictures. The built-in filters with Instagram make every picture much better than they really are. Which delights me to no end.

And they are all the same size. Every time. Which makes tiling and big pages filled with lovely pictures that make the world seem more like a Terence Malick film than it really is.

Anyway, should you want to follow along as I take pictures and fiddle with filters, you can see all my efforts here at my Instagram profile.

Listening To The Wind In The Trees


These past few weeks, it seems blog updating only happens when I am at weddings. This time, I am ensconced in the foothills of the Cascades, though on their eastern side versus the normal western side. Again, it is still dark out, and everyone is still, wisely so, asleep. Except for me. Restless brain. After six hours, it seems time to get up. The one trouble is that nothing is open in this sleepy little resort town at 4:30am on a Sunday morning.

Even the guy working the night shift at the lodge was somewhat flummoxed by my appearance and request for coffee.

Anyway, the long summer is over. The rest of the family goes back to school next week, and things will swing back to the more normal schedule. More writing will happen, as well as other creative endeavors. I can give up on getting a three-star score on every level of Angry Birds. And I will spend less time in the car. Huzzah!

One of the scraps of paper on my desk has the opening lines of Angel Tongue scrawled on it . . .

Listening To The Waves


I watched the sun come up this morning on the Oregon coast. It’s been twenty years since I’ve done this, and the last time wasn’t nearly as peaceful. Last time, there was a hellish ride through torrential rain, dodging a rattling truck pulling a camper with a leaky waste valve, and suffering through mild pharmaceutical hallucinations. This time? Yes, much more restful.

An old friend is getting married today, and I saw some faces around the campfire last night that I haven’t seen in close to fifteen years. There was a little video last night, in tribute to the groom, and it was interesting to see a number of people give tribute to this guy who have known him some time, and to realize all of their history has taken place in the time between. And yet, two minutes after seeing each other again, we fell into old routines and the easy laughter was still there.

Funny how things change both so much and so little.

Anyway, the coast is still there. I had wondered.