Waffle Coffee

Book Talk

Little Zee came with me yesterday to the mobile office and charmed everyone. Having a precocious five-year with the biggest blue eyes EVAH tends to endear you to the baristas. She dubbed my “to-stay” drink “waffle coffee” due to the caramel drizzle pattern on top. I’m going to order it that way from now on. “One waffle coffee, please.”

I discovered there’s a tool for importing Livejournal entries to WordPress, and so I’m pulling over the LJ entries and creating a vast swamp of an archive. Mainly because I’d like to keep the content from LJ, but it is getting tiresome to deal with a) the persistent ads that keep interrupting me from doing admin duties over there, and b) the only ones who seem to still be on LJ are spammers. So, over the next space of time, I’ll be tagging and categorizing those entries. I suppose I could also find the old Moveable Type blog archive and import that too. Just to be thorough. We’ll see. It all sounds like avoiding writing to me, but there’s a certain desire to maintain this archive as I do–every once in a long while–find myself looking for a reference that I know I blogged about once upon a time.

I finished Lars Kepler’s The Hypnotist last night. A grueling read, and part of the exhaustion was simply that it hit all of my buttons, but the pair also managed to ratchet the tension nicely without ever going overboard. There’s a number of plot elements that get discarded a little too casually for my liking (as well as a couple of annoying issues with the flow of information), and I never quite felt as satisfactorily connected to the characters as I did in Steig Larsson’s books, but overall, it was a mighty fine read.

Scarlet Imprint’s Red Goddess continues to perch on the edge of my desk, and I’m snatching bits and pieces out of it as I have time. Peter Grey has a nice rhetoric that is inflammatory enough to keep you engaged, but not so fiery as to be overbearing. Plus he calls out Christianity almost immediately for stomping all over existing Pagan structures and lumping them all under the heading of “Devil Worship,” which gets a +1 from me.