Recent Records


Boris – Heavy Rocks & Attention Please

Heavy Rocks is more the prototypical Boris sound, and “Riot Sugar” should give you metal-stylee whiplash. Whether you want it or not.

Attention Please is surprising, in that it is Boris going all trip-hop on us. With some fabulous results. They have a bandcamp page where you can hear and purchase the records.

UlverWar of the Roses

The exciting thing about a new Ulver record is that I have no idea what it is going to sound like, but I know that it will be interesting. While I don’t mind a certain amount of consistency in my creative consumption, I do like being challenged and I do like it when an artist tries something new. Ulver has been steering away from their black metal roots for some time, and War of the Roses is a continuation of the sonic style of Shadows of the Sun, though with more spoken word ambience. A LOT more. Other than the fifteen minute “Stone Angels,” which goes on for about ten minutes too long in my estimation, it’s a record that is going to unpack nicely over time.


A surprising little gem that rotating through quite a lot recently. Swedish dream-pop with a bit of Cocteau Twins, some delicate percussion, creepy but not stabby synths, and lots of airy ambience.

Kate BushDirector’s Cut

A decade after The Sensual World and The Red Shoes, Kate returns to both of these earlier records and redoes the vocals, drum tracks, and does other fiddling with some of the songs. The result is a record that sounds, well, more Kate. Director’s Cut goes a long way to reminding me why I fell in love with her work in the first place.