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The kids and I watched Cars 2 tonight, and we got the hint in the “Air Mater” short about planes. I dug around on the disc a bit and found the Planes trailer. I watched it in slack-jawed disbelief. Mostly because I couldn’t see how Pixar would settle for having a White Zombie song as the background music for . . . ANYTHING.

But then, at the end, I saw the telltale reason. Planes is a DISNEY movie. Not a Disney Pixar movie. Not a Pixar movie. A DISNEY movie.

And Disney never passed up an opportunity to wring everything magical out of a property in the search for squeezing parents out of a few more dollars.

I have to admit that when I first saw the trailer for Cars 2 and the fact that it was a joint production between Disney and Pixar, I was afraid. Needlessly so, as it turned out because I found Cars 2 to be better than the first, but that may have more than a little bit to do with the fact that I’m one of those dads for whom all the James Bond gags are written for, plus I can tell how much fun Eddie Izzard and Michael Caine are having. Always a bonus.

But, pursuant to the topic of my last post, I suppose you can’t blame Disney. They do know they have a dedicated content consumption pipeline. Why wouldn’t you keep it filled?

And you know Rob Zombie cashed that licensing check without a moment’s hesitation. Hell, I would too.

Interview at Fantasy Magazine


This rush of content just makes it LOOK like I’m taking over the world.

Fantasy Magazine: Mark Teppo, of Men and Magick

“I’ve attempted to map most of the ‘spells’ [in LIGHTBREAKER], if you will, to existing practices, but as the foundation of the system is the rigorous belief that Will powers intent and expression, the resulting system becomes fairly organic. It is fantastic, let’s be honest about that, and I don’t necessarily believe that these sorts of abilities and actions are possible, but the underlying philosophy is one that I can get behind. I’ve been referencing this book as ‘occult,’ and the connotations of that word lend credence to the fantastic elements within the story, but more properly–from a standpoint of the things the writer wants his audience to mull over after all the sound and fury has passed–this is a ‘gnostic’ novel. And so, yes, it’s all about faith and knowledge, isn’t it?”

Next week, I’ll vanish again.

Guest Posts and Heartland Review


Two posts at Amazon’s Omnivoracious, offering some background on the CODEX books.

On the Nature of Magick

“Like I said, the definition is a bit slippery, and it might be a bit much to attribute to the writing of a pulpy occult noir book the grandiose intent of creating magick, but that’s part of what inspired the Codex of Souls. Not so much making magick, but rediscovering the possibility of it. Instead of holding such strangeness at arm’s length and pretending that we’re an entirely rational species, I wanted to embrace our esoteric history.”

On the Nature of Monsters

“The little mantra I hummed to myself while I was writing was: ‘Men and Mantras/Shotguns and Sigils.’ I was going to write an urban fantasy book without vampires, lycanthropes, zombies, angels, or demons.”

Also, Mad Hatter’s review of HEARTLAND.

“The Codex of Souls is without a doubt one of the most original Urban Fantasy series going right now. It has stepped away from the pack and embraced a different type of magic and a very different sensibility worth checking out.”

A Return to Blogging


DARKLINE.COM is live. Somewhat. I’m still tweaking the design here and there (a 1px issue on Firefox on the PC is bugging me), and the link list is somewhat sparse, but overall, I’m done fiddling and we might as well get started.

I’ve blogged off and on over the years, first on my own site and then as part of the transmit section at (and even now as part of the Farrago’s F. M. I. team). But I got busy, and this was one of the things which fell by the wayside. I decided it was time to get back on the horse, and I’ve finally found a identity (a sense of purpose, if you will) that suits a domain I’ve had for a long time.

Which is to say, if you want to find me, I’ll be over there.



The brick and mortar stores will be putting HEARTLAND, my second book, on the shelves as soon as they get it, which should be this week or next. Amazon is shipping already, and I hear a few folks have received copies. (The guy sitting across from me on the train this morning is reading a copy, but then he came to the house and prostrated himself on the lawn for a few hours until I gave him a copy.) So it looks like the second book is on its way. Huzzah!

Over at John Scalzi’s Whatever, I’m doing the The Big Idea today, which is a brief outline of the central conceit behind the book series. Drop by and join the conversation.

The soundtrack for HEARTLAND has been posted at the Codex of Souls website.

There will be a release party on February 5th at D & W Wine Cellars, if you’re local. The wine selection will be from the Markham Vineyard (I know; bonus that they’re actually good wines). I’ll probably do a reading, and then there will be suitable revelry. If that’s the wrong end of the Puget Sound for you, I’ll be at the Lake Forest Park location of Third Place Books on March 16th @7pm to do a reading as well.

And that’s the HEARTLAND news. Oh, yes, there’s this little tidbit. If you are the type who doesn’t read the excerpt in the back of books, you might want to go back and look at the one in LIGHTBREAKER. The opening in HEARTLAND picks up a day after this conversation between Markham and the Hierarch. I know we call it an excerpt, but really, it’s a bridge.

The next two are called ANGEL TONGUE and KARMA KISS. They’ll be out later. 🙂

Diet Soap Podcast is out


We’ve all survived our dance with the Piglicker Flue over here. This was not the year to partake of the Kiss a Pig For Charity booth at the Country Fair, just sayin’. All we have to show for it is stronger immune systems, one rather mundane (in the end) visit to the ER, and lots of conversations where we sound like old Soviet women who have worked for decades in the industrial factories. Such lovely party gifts. Thanks, swine flu; don’t bother stopping by next year.

I’m packing lunches and a suitcase this morning, so all I’ve got is a picture and a podcast.

Mark Henry lists Lightbreaker in his weekly ‘Shopping List for People Who Don’t Suck’, where it is #3 or #4 (depending on how you read his list). He also mentions that it is now in ‘wide release,’ which is code for saying that you can (finally) get it at Barnes & Noble. If our local stores are an indicator, they’ve brought in more than a handful for the shelves, so if you haven’t picked up a copy of the book yet (or need a second one to giveaway, ‘sallI’msayin’), show B & N a little love for playing catch-up.

Also, Doug Lain over at Diet Soap has posted their latest podcast, which includes a conversation with me on Lightbreaker and other occult topics (link). Go and listen to me mispronounce Aleister Crowley’s name and try to dodge the tough religious questions. I do these sorts of gaffs to appear as a dilettante, mind you. It worked for Lamont Cranston and Bruce Wayne; and remember, if you claim to a Rosicrucian, you probably aren’t. It’s the ones who appear like idiots that you have to watch out for.

For those who are going to WFC, I’ll see you in the bar in a few hours.

World Fantasy Convention Schedule


Breaking radio silence to update everyone on my World Fantasy Schedule this coming weekend. In case someone has trouble finding me.

FRI 8:30 PM >> Regency Ballroom >> Group Autographing
I’ll probably drop by here for an hour or so. Until I need a drink more than I need to watch people read my name and get that funny look of “who is he?”

FRI LATER >> Night Shade Party
No idea where. No idea when it starts. No idea how long it runs. All I know is that I’ll be having a couple of these:

There’s other homebrew as well for the non-IPA fans in the room. For the record, I had nothing to do with this. I believe the beer is all courtesy of Bizarro Central.

SAT 4:00 PM >> Crystal Room >> The End of the World
I’m on a panel with Lisa Mannetti, Loren Rhoads, John Shirley, and F. Paul Wilson where we’ll be talking about Horror–both upper and lower case–as it applies to the end of the world (or not, as the case may be).

MON 6:30 PM >> BORDERLAND BOOKS (in SF) >> Group Signing
Monday, I’ll be up in SF, taking part of the Borderland Books event, along with Paolo Bacigalupi, Ellen Datlow, Nina Kriki Hoffman, Cecelia Holland, Mary Robinette Kowal, Laird Barron, Marie Brennan, Lynn Ceasar, Nancy Etchemendy, Cody Goodfellow, Elaine Isaak, Nick Mamatas, Diana Paxson, Tony Richards, Michael Shea, John Skipp, and others. Bunch of authors, packed in a room, armed with pens.