March 2021

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The Right Kind of Sinner is out now. It’s the newest Butch Bliss book, written by my Harry Bryant pseudonym. Butch is still trying to stay out of trouble, but trouble keeps knocking on his door. This time around, a surprise convenience store heist turns into a twisting re-examination of everything that has happened to him since he went to prison. Is his whole life a lie?

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I’ve also been working on the Night Office books. The Doom That Came to the Coffee Shop is the latest book in that series. It’s a simpler exercise than In the Mansion of Madness. Can you survive ordering a cup of coffee, or will tentacled monstrosities from non-Euclidean dimensions devour you?

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The first book in my Weird Western series is out. It’s called Solitaire, and it follows the adventures of Elmore Stonebrook and Judge Willard Vernon Wallace as they roam about the West in the 1870s. Fighting monsters. Saving the good folk. Righting wrongs. You know, the usual stuff.

Here’s the marketing copy:

1872: The shattered South is struggling under the yoke of Reconstruction; the North has turned its attention to lands west of the mighty Mississippi. The United States is haunted by the blood that has been spilled, and only a few are ready to stand against the coming darkness.

During the War, Elmore Stonebrook was a celebrated Sharpshooter for the Army of the Potomac. Known as God’s Finger for the deadly accuracy of his rifle, Stonebrook fought for freedom for all men, but lost his way in the process.

Judge Willard Vernon Wallace once sat on the high bench in Louisiana. He loved the law; he served the law; but the law betrayed him. Now, his gavel is the butt of his revolver and his courtroom is anywhere he can sling a rope over a tree branch.

In the small Missouri town of Bitter, they run into an old friend of the Judge’s, Isadora Van Horn, whose ranch is threatened by a greedy landowner. He wants everything—her land, her cattle, her body—and he’s willing to do anything to get what he wants.

Including making a deal with the Devil himself, a deal that includes a wolf that walks on two legs . . .

Buy it at your favorite outlet, real or virtual. If you’d like to support me directly, consider joining my Patreon. I have it set up so that it’s mainly a funnel for new titles. You only get charged when a new book comes out, and I’ll send you an autographed copy.

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I write books. The latest one is Sit the F*ck Down and Write, a collection of thoughts and observations that have been the backbone of a number of seminars, workshops, and presentations over the last few years.

Portions of this book appeared in Jumpstart Your Novel and Planning, Plotting, and Progress, which are both now out of print. The remaining material from Planning, Plotting, and Progress will appear again in the near future, with more like-minded content. The writer evolves, after all, and so does his approach to sharing his knowledge.

Sit the F*ck Down and Write is available wherever fine books are sold, and it is also available as an ebook in all the usual formats. Please visit your favorite bookstore or retailer and inquire about a copy.

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Patronage Is The New Model

Books, What's Been Going On?

I have started a Patreon, what with three novels in the can and who knows how many more planned. Patreon is the vehicle by which you, my darling readers, get early access to work and contribute to my continued efforts at making shit up.

Tell your friends. Come and see what the fun is about. Drop a buck or more in the patreon jar, and watch me dance. For you. That’s how this model works, after all.

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(Patrons got an early glimpse of the new Hidden Palms cover this morning, in fact. See what you’re missing already?)

Cimarronin Issue 3


The third issue of Cimarronin is out this week. You can find it at Comixology or if you bought it direct from Jet City Comics via, you should have it on your Kindle already (via the magic of serialization). Or, if you have been waiting to get the set, you can do that too now with the Comixology Collected Edition.

So, what’s been happening with our heroes? Well, Kitazume is lost in a flashback, Irgen is lost (but not really), and Luis is worried that he has made a grievous error. Or two. And there’s a fight sequence. Or two. But hey, is that the OMVI sigil we see on Father De Viray’s ring? Well now, isn’t that mysterious, especially since we saw it in Luis’s possession at the end of last issue . . .

This rounds out the first part of Cimarronin, known as “A Samurai in New Spain.” Early next year, we’ll be back with “Fall of the Cross,” the second trio of issues with our intrepid players. Until then, enjoy!

Cimarronin Issue 2


The second issue of Cimarronin is out this week. You can find it at Comixology or if you bought it direct from Jet City Comics via, you should have it on your Kindle already (via the magic of serialization).

We—meaning your earnest team of myself, Ellis Amdur, Charles C. Mann, Neal Stephenson, and Robert Sammelin—take you, our devoted reader, to New Spain, where we discover a bit more of the big picture that Luis is hinting at. His family—scions of Spanish nobility—have a silver mine in New Spain, and it’s constantly being robbed by local bandits. Part of Luis’s job in Manila was to have been hiring masterless samurai (ronin) to help guard the silver caravans. Luis comes back with one: Kitazume. Which doesn’t go over so well with Luis’s brother. But that may be all part of Luis’s clever plan . . .

And then El Gato shows up, and things get complicated . . .

[The whole samurai guarding the silver caravans? That’s all true. It’s the genesis of the project, and you can read about it in Charles C. Mann’s awesome book, 1493.]

Pipedream Comics reviewed the first issue. Their summary: “While not groundbreaking enough to receive full marks, Cimarronin is still a truly outstanding book made from a great script, fantastic art and inhabited by genuinely interesting, three dimensional characters. While it has some flaws in places, these can’t prevent this first installment from being an epic tale which deserves to be read.”

Escapist Magazine says: “It’s not the most outstanding debut issue (a little more background would go a long way), nor it the most deep story, but it is solid fun.”

Both of which I find to be interesting commentary from the comic book world. Novel readers are a little more lenient, it would seem, in waiting for backstory to be presented. We’ll have to see how folks feel as we move along because we dole out the backstory quite regularly as we progress.



A GRAPHIC NOVEL written in collaboration with ELLIS AMDUR, CHARLES C. MANN, and NEAL STEPHENSON. Published by Jet City Comics on 9/24/2014.

SUMMARY: A disgraced outcast samurai living in early seventeenth-century Manila, Kitazume is contemplating ritual suicide when a divine force (of a sort) intervenes: Luis, a rogue Jesuit priest and Kitazume’s longtime friend. At Luis’s insistence, the samurai agrees to help smuggle a Manchu princess to Mexico. But little does he know that he’s really been dragged into an epic struggle for power.

Several forces have their malicious sights set on the New World’s rich silver mines: an insurgent Spanish duke, Chinese political interests, and the escaped African slaves known as the cimarrónes. And working in secret among them is a mysterious, long-lost order that has its own plans for the precious metal.

As politics and greed collide, Kitazume must call upon his deadly skills once more. But he’s not just fighting to save his friends–he’s fighting for the redemption he so desperately craves.



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