Story Time

Book Talk, Friends, Making Things Up

A little while ago, three writer pals and I put together an ad-hoc reading series. We showed up at Belmont Books in PDX, read some stories, and then went and had drinks around the corner. It was fun. Books were sold. We’re going to do it again in September. What did we read? Bits from Space Cocaine, of course.

Space Cocaine cover

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My bit was from “The Vacation Not Taken,” which is the first section of The Cosmic Game, a serial that I’ll be working on throughout this year. In fact, another section of that book can be found in An Interpretation of Moles, which is out now. It’s a collection of stories about moles, and we were given a Venn Diagram visual aid to help us. I went for all quadrants (like I do).

An Interpretation of Moles cover

An Interpretation of Moles: | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iTunes | Kobo |

Meanwhile, I’ve just about finished up the relaunch of Underland Press, and I’m still reading for XVIII, the next volume in the Underland Tarot project. Yes, it’s actually got a project name now instead of that vague “tarot-thingie that I’m doing.”

Submission Guidelines for XVIII are here.

Get on the Space Cocaine mailing list here. We’re only using it to inform folks of new readings and publications, so it’ll be very low traffic.

Listening: Bill Laswell is dumping a lot of content to Bandcamp these days, which is making it easy for me to find groovy new stuff to listen to.

Reading: Lisa Lutz’s The Swallows is fantastic, as is David Koepp’s Cold Storage. Both are out in September, which means y’all will have to wait. Sorry. Perks of being a bookseller. However, Mick Herron’s Joe Country is out, and you are all reading his Slough House novels already, aren’t you?

Playing: I’ve discovered Dinosaur Island, Wingspan, and Gizmos, which are making me think about game design again. Also, the clever folks at Gearbox have put out a new pack for Borderlands 2 which leads into Borderlands 3. Naturally, I need to be up on the narrative, right?