Finish Your Novel!

Book Talk

Once upon a time, I wrote a writing book. It was a book that came out of a lecture, and it was all about starting a book. There were questions and exercises and hoops to jump through, but when all the wailing and gnashing of teeth was done, you had an outline. I smiled, waved, and left the room, leaving behind all those questions about what happens next.

Well, what happens next is a lot of fussing and procrastinating and figuring out how to get your butt in the chair and write. The heavy lifting, as it were. And, as I’ve been having a bout of “how the heck do I do this writing thing again?” myself this summer, I figured it was time to finish the follow-on to Jumpstart Your Novel.

This one is called Finish Your Novel!, and as Kristene Perron (co-author of Warpworld) says: “Leave your excuses at the door because Teppo has heard (or used) them all and he’s not going to let you quit until The End.

It’s available at all your favorite retail locations, both on and off the Intertubes. If you enjoyed Jumpstart Your Novel, this is similar in blunt talk and hyperbolic asides. Plus it has charts and coupons.

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