March 2021

Books, Status Update

The Right Kind of Sinner is out now. It’s the newest Butch Bliss book, written by my Harry Bryant pseudonym. Butch is still trying to stay out of trouble, but trouble keeps knocking on his door. This time around, a surprise convenience store heist turns into a twisting re-examination of everything that has happened to him since he went to prison. Is his whole life a lie?

The Right Kind of Sinner: PRINT | EBOOK

I’ve also been working on the Night Office books. The Doom That Came to the Coffee Shop is the latest book in that series. It’s a simpler exercise than In the Mansion of Madness. Can you survive ordering a cup of coffee, or will tentacled monstrosities from non-Euclidean dimensions devour you?

The Doom That Came to the Coffee Shop: PRINT | EBOOK