Cimarronin Issue 3


The third issue of Cimarronin is out this week. You can find it at Comixology or if you bought it direct from Jet City Comics via, you should have it on your Kindle already (via the magic of serialization). Or, if you have been waiting to get the set, you can do that too now with the Comixology Collected Edition.

So, what’s been happening with our heroes? Well, Kitazume is lost in a flashback, Irgen is lost (but not really), and Luis is worried that he has made a grievous error. Or two. And there’s a fight sequence. Or two. But hey, is that the OMVI sigil we see on Father De Viray’s ring? Well now, isn’t that mysterious, especially since we saw it in Luis’s possession at the end of last issue . . .

This rounds out the first part of Cimarronin, known as “A Samurai in New Spain.” Early next year, we’ll be back with “Fall of the Cross,” the second trio of issues with our intrepid players. Until then, enjoy!