Mongoliad Book One Release Day Blitz

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Well, here we are. The Mongoliad Book One came out today. You can buy it in the more discerning brick and mortar stores or through a variety of online retailers. If you have an option to buy it in a physical store, please do so. That’s the extent of my weighing in on all the recent flap about the new age of publishing. Go to a bookstore. They’ll appreciate it. If you live in the Seattle area, Duane at the U Bookstore, up near the University of Washington campus, is stocking the book.

In fact, Duane has arranged for a mass signing of all the authors on May 17th. 7:00pm. Upstairs. Where the crowd will be. We will have all SEVEN authors present. This is, to my knowledge, the only time that we’ll have all seven in the same room for the near future.

Before I get to the obligatory launch day link-o-rama, I would like to highlight the addition of the Collector’s Edition of Book One. The Amazon page has lovely cover art now (which, I am told, may not be final, but I’m pretty pleased with it as it is, since it wouldn’t hurt my feelings any if it ended up being the final cover).

You’ll notice, in the fine print, that the Collector’s Edition contains the prequel story called “Sinner,” which is one of the pieces of our next phase in world domination. The Collector’s Edition may also contain some additional materials which we’re still wrangling.

Okay, to the link list.

There are a number of excerpts that have been posted online as part of the marketing blitz.

Also, a couple of guest posts/interviews on blogs: