The brick and mortar stores will be putting HEARTLAND, my second book, on the shelves as soon as they get it, which should be this week or next. Amazon is shipping already, and I hear a few folks have received copies. (The guy sitting across from me on the train this morning is reading a copy, but then he came to the house and prostrated himself on the lawn for a few hours until I gave him a copy.) So it looks like the second book is on its way. Huzzah!

Over at John Scalzi’s Whatever, I’m doing the The Big Idea today, which is a brief outline of the central conceit behind the book series. Drop by and join the conversation.

The soundtrack for HEARTLAND has been posted at the Codex of Souls website.

There will be a release party on February 5th at D & W Wine Cellars, if you’re local. The wine selection will be from the Markham Vineyard (I know; bonus that they’re actually good wines). I’ll probably do a reading, and then there will be suitable revelry. If that’s the wrong end of the Puget Sound for you, I’ll be at the Lake Forest Park location of Third Place Books on March 16th @7pm to do a reading as well.

And that’s the HEARTLAND news. Oh, yes, there’s this little tidbit. If you are the type who doesn’t read the excerpt in the back of books, you might want to go back and look at the one in LIGHTBREAKER. The opening in HEARTLAND picks up a day after this conversation between Markham and the Hierarch. I know we call it an excerpt, but really, it’s a bridge.

The next two are called ANGEL TONGUE and KARMA KISS. They’ll be out later. 🙂