Interviews, Reviews, and the Long Glide (planning thereof)


Firstly, Michael at the Mad Hatter’s Bookshelf has posted the interview he did with me about Lightbreaker and other sundry things (including a reveal about my secret food loathings and the two-line pitch of the new book project). He was quick on the asking of questions and so has ended up with some squeaky little tidbits that look a lot like . . . exclusives. So, click on over and give it a read. Show him that you care.

Secondly, Tim Pratt was kind enough to come out of a reviewing nap and do up a few hundred words about Lightbreaker for this month’s Locus, the industry’s trade magazine. For which I am very grateful and very pleased. Typically, their reviews are print-only (my first!) and so I’ll have to excerpt it here for you.

“Though the piling-up of occult details does make this world’s magical system seem intricate and believable, Markham’s ruminations and visions can go on too long, and aren’t nearly as much fun as the various set pieces involving electrified iron maidens, booksellers transformed into Milton-quoting oracles, brutal magical duels, shambling soulless zombie hordes, and scene of truly impressive magical devastation. Still, Teppo’s preoccupation with profound questions of human purpose and potential make this deeper and more thought-provoking than your average urban fantasy.”

Thank you, sir. I do hear you on the obsessive detailing of occult marginalia. It may be a fatal character flaw on my part. We’ll see.

And, speaking of that character flaw, I’ve been thinking more about the phrase I mention in the Mad Hatter interview: the “occulture critic” (I got it from Erik Davis, who is a righteous believer in the truly fantastic). Twitter seems as good a place as any to try out some new things, so I’m going to try to be more active on the #amtarot and #pmtarot hash tags. Twice a day, thetarotlady draws a card. Those of us following offer interpretations. So, if you’re curious, tag the tags and watch the fun.