The Night Shade Interview


In preparation for Tuesday’s reading at Borderlands Books, Night Shade was kind enough to do an interview for their website, wherein I ramble on about all things LIGHTBREAKER, including giving a brief overview of what is to come in later books.

Additionally, Rick Kleffel at the Agony Column has posted some commentary on LIGHTBREAKER, where he says, among other things: “It’s steeped in a dense mythology the author uses to transform and subvert the mystery genre into something both tougher and more fun. Markham’s a great guide to Teppo’s universe, which feels appropriately Hermetic, self-sealed and internally consistent. Teppo has clearly done his research, but more importantly, he enjoyed it, and readers will get that sense of joy and exploration.”

Amen to that. More often than not, we forgot how much fun we’re having when we’re doing the long march to the end of a book, and assuredly, the CODEX books are a hoot to write.

For those of you in San Francisco area, hopefully I’ll see you Tuesday night–7pm–at Borderlands Books. A reading and other hilarity with ensue.

UPDATE: And, for those who are elsewhere, I happily direct you to an Amazon link for Lightbreaker where you may read those magical words: “IN STOCK.”