Reading in SF (June 16th)


Celebrating the release of Lightbreaker, there will be a reading on June 16th at Borderlands Books, in San Francisco.

Borderlands Books
866 Valencia
San Francisco, CA
Tuesday, June 16, 2009
Time: 7:00pm

Tell your peeps. Spread the word. It’s a weeknight reading (I know), but it’s what worked with my schedule. We take what options we have, don’t we? Anyway, tell your friends. Come on down. I’d love to see you and finally have a book to sign for you.

Blue Tyson reviews Lightbreaker


Blue Tyson does his mini review of Lightbreaker at his Not Free SF Reader site. “An urban fantasy novel that is a lot more Hellblazer, Mage and Highlander than it is high heels, hot pants and horizontal vampire mambo.” This makes me laugh, and I’m glad he’s offered such a concise distinction.

You really need to read the rest of his reviewthough, as it gets funnier (and true). I seem to have hit all the right buttons with him. Excellent.

How has he read it, you ask? Probably via the e-book edition out via Night Shade’s relationship with Baen. The latest word from Night Shade HQ is that physical books will be on hand and shipping May 19th.