Campbell Award Eligibility


As fellow VP’er Chris Kastensmidt [ckastens] points out, I am eligible for the John W. Campbell Award (for best new writer of science fiction and fantasty; not a Hugo). This is my second year of eligibility, and for the sake of completeness and giving voters all the information they could ever need, I’ll get the bibliography updated on the writertopia site soon. In the interim, here’s the list of those works that are available online (with links) on the off-chance that some of you haven’t seen them yet.

“Faith, Hidden In The Hands of the Blind” [Farrago’s Wainscot, 2008. novella]
“Death” [Behind The Wainscot, 2008. flash]
The Oneiromantic Mosaic of Harry Potemkin [Farrago’s Wainscot, 2007. serial novel]
“How the Mermaid Lost Her Song” [Strange Horizons, 2007. short story]

I will admit that it would have been nice to have had LIGHTBREAKER out in 2008 so that it could be on the list of realized publications, but as Steven Gould pointed out–more than once during our week at VPyou can’t control the things you can’t control. As to the status of that book, well, it’s been pushed back. I have a new release date, but as the previous release dates I’ve been given have come and gone, I’m going to wait for further confirmation before I start jumping up and down and making the “squeeee!” noise.

Right. Back to HEARTLAND for me. Carry on.

Into The New


Hello, 2009. Sorry to have neglected you. I’ve been busy, and will continue to be so for some time. My attention for you is but the length of a twitter post. Come find me there.

The latest: “HEARTLAND: 52K. Halfway done. Going back to the beginning and smoothing. There is some serious smackdown going on.”

Yes, that sort of busy, and there are two more books to be done this year when this one is licked, branded, and sent on its way. And other projects. Sorry, 2009, I’ve learned from your predecessor. You’re going to have to catch me if you want to fuck with me, and I am taking my vitamins and eating right and getting enough sleep, which means you’re going to have to run a lot faster than that.

2010? I’ll be there sooner than you think, and don’t even try to stop me. There is some world dominating to be done. Step aside.