The LIVING DEAD are climbing the charts


Speaking of the shambling dead (we did a March to the Sea pack and move my grandmother-in-law’s apartment yesterday, culminating in a mad dash to fill the truck in an hour), I see this morning that Night Shade Books’ THE LIVING DEAD is “In Contention” for the the New York Times bestseller list.

Night Shade Man-in-charge Jeremy Lassen gives us the details, and it essentially comes down to the fact that enough copies were moved that someone noticed. Tomorrow they’ll hear if they made the Extended list, and if you all were thinking about buying a copy of the zombie anthology, this would be the time, as if it doesn’t make the list this week, then all it might need for next week would be one more little–teensy–push.

I have to admit that zombies freak my shit out. Mentally, the more I think about zombies and the world-building that comes along with them, I just get the heebie-jeebies. More power to those who can write stories about ’em. I may have a strong cocktail at lunch and then go brave the bookstore for a copy or two. That which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and all that.

Nothing To See But Smokin’ Blurbs


Another day closer to LIGHTBREAKER’s release date (Amazon is still showing today, which isn’t true. Sorry, ardent fans. Another couple of weeks). I’m up to the top of my brain pan with HEARTLAND, and I’ve got that tome of a Stephenson book that I keep moving around the house (he’s reading tonight up in the Seattle U-district, which’ll be fun to see). So, I’ve got nothing to entertain you with this morning. Except for a couple of smokin’ quotes that have come in for Lightbreaker. The author is tickled, and has been quietly cackling to himself all weekend about them.

“Grim and refined, Teppo’s aggressive near-noir is rich and strange—heavily and deftly textured. It’s got a punch that’ll leave you rattled, intrigued, and tasting blood.”
Cherie Priest, author of Four and Twenty Blackbirds and Not Flesh Nor Feathers

“Lightbreaker is a damn good book. It throws some new curves into the Urban Fantasy ride. I think you’ve got a big, fat hit in your hands.”
Kat Richardson, author of Greywalker and Underground

Lightbreaker: First Two Chapters online


“The deer lurched out of the forest on a dark curve of the narrow highway, staggering onto the pavement like a maritime drunk. Silver light radiated from its mouth and eyes, a spectral luminescence that made the animal visible against the dark brush.”

The first two chapters of LIGHTBREAKER are available online at Bookspotcentral (previously Fantasybookspot), along with their shiny new layout. They’ve got an exclusive on the preview, so this’ll be the place to get your fix until the book ships in October.



Realizing, of course, that there are about a hundred things I could be doing instead that would be “productive,” I give you this moment of inane trivia.

Lightbreaker sales rank at Amazon RIGHT NOW: 236,978.

Considering that it was somewhere in the 2 million range a few weeks ago, I am pleased. Just a few weeks to go before we all get our hands on copies.