iPod meme


I should be writing tonight, but the week has shagged me out so I’m fucking around with the iPod instead. I’ve managed to fill the thing so here’s my version of the “What’s On Your iPod?” Meme.

3682 songs, 13.3 days, 26.71GB (and 682 pictures of the kids, because, well, I can)

Sorted by artist
First artist: ¥Pi¥
Last artist: Za Frumi

Sorted by song title
First Song: “Till The Break of Dawn” by Lapsed
Last Song: “Zwitter” by Rammstein

Sorted by time
Shortest Song: 0:02, “Absolutely Everywhere” by Coil
Longest Song: 29:36, “Tantra Mantra” by Steve Roach

Sorted by album
First Album: 10,000 Days by Tool
Last Album: Zoon by Nefilim

How many songs come up when you search for “sex”? 9
How many songs come up when you search for “death”? 22
How many songs come up when you search for “love”? 40
How many songs come up when you search for “angel”? 9

How many playlists? 14
Ambient has 403 songs.
Bleep has 439 songs.
FAX has 33 songs.
Flow has 666 songs. (this tickles me to no end)
Future Jazz has 775 songs.
Industry has 543 songs.
Lounge has 246 songs.
Midnight has 418 songs.
Muslimgauze has 284 songs (33 records, 2.84GB — barely 1/5 of his output)
Occult has 264 songs.
Review has 79 songs.
Siren has 143 songs.
Squeak has 196 songs.
Thunder has 153 songs.

First five songs that come up on shuffle:
[1] “Sun Drums and Soil” – Four Tet Everything Ecstatic
[2] “End of a Beginning (Sublight Version)” – Enduser Calling The Vultures
[3] “Shah of Pesia” – Muslimgauze Speaker of Turkish
[4] “The Big Lie – Arild Andersen Group Electra
[5] “Enter Transcendental Sleep” – Therion A’arab Zaraq – Lucid Dreaming

Which song has been played most often? According to my charts at Last.fm (where I dump the playlists daily), it is Fields of the Nephilim’s “Straight Into the Light.”

Getting To It


Wrote about four hundred words on the pirate book this morning. Not nearly ready (in my mind) to get started on it, but I always fear that I don’t have enough research under my belt to write something. The nature of this project is compounding that fear enormously but, frankly, if I don’t kick it off, then I’m never going to get anywhere. I took a few weeks off from the word while being home on family leave and, while that was a lot of fun in many ways, it always takes a little while to get these muscles back up to speed.

I think I need to arbitrarily pick a date for the book as well. Something like 1507. And just fill in my history to that point and be done with it. I’ve found just so many fascinating details in history to warp that it has been difficult to decide my cut-off point. I’m going to lose some regardless (good-bye Francis Drake!) so I might as well just get to it.

This is the obligatory “just get to it” post. For all of you who might need a similar kick in the butt to get moving again. Damn inertia.

Signs, of the Apocalypse and Otherwise


Now that we’ve lived in this house for a year now, it seems like it probably time to organize the garage. These modern “two” car garages will only fit two vehicles if they’ve both got gull-wing doors. And forget trying to actually store anything in this space if you actually want to play the “crack the doors and squeeze out” game. The garage has been a holding tank for all the shit we just haven’t decided what to do with. It’s been quietly driving my wife nuts so I’ve been spending free time over the last few days putting together storage racks. A little planning, a little tape measure action, and a couple of trips to IKEA should have taken care of the whole problem.

Except, IKEA is out of racks. They had them on Thursday when I filled the car up the first time. But, when I went back today for the second bunch, nada. Just an empty hole in the warehouse. Isn’t this one of the Signs of the Apocalypse when IKEA can’t satisify your organizational needs?

So, I’ve been thinking about cleaning my computer instead. Like getting off Windows XP and onto Ubuntu sort of cleaning. Of course, it isn’t as simple as that, but the temptation is there. I’m avoiding the temptation by mailing out stories. You know I’m dodging writing when I’m actually doing Business Hat work. That’s the sure sign.

Screw-on Head


I’m busy trying to get a few other things done and have little to offer at the moment. I’ve got a new review up at Strange Horizons: Chris Roberson’s Paragaea. Parts of it I really enjoyed, other parts (like the main character) not so much. I’m happy to see that Roberson has recently sold his “prequel,” featuring Hieronymus Bonaventure to Solaris Books. I liked Mr. Bonaventure and I’m looking forward to seeing him again. At Roberson’s Paragaea site, you can download an e-version of the book if you’re so inclined.

Beyond that, I heartily recommend visiting the Sci-Fi Channel’s site where they are offering the full pilot of Mike Mignola’s Amazing Screw-on Head. Yeah, the world is a better place with this sort of lunacy available on the boob tube. Go watch it. Fill out the questionaire. Let’s get this show picked up.

Wait! Hellboy Animated? Damnit, whose job was it to keep me up to…oh, wait, me. Anyway, Hellboy animated. Yeehaw!