Top Ten, er Twenty-two Records in 2005


Right, records which I was happy to have spinning in my office in 2005 (from This list is, of course, skewed towards the Igloo readership and fails to mention Fields of the Nephilim’s Mourning Sun which is the only record which I can’t live without in 2006. But, anyway, here’s the rest

Ah Cama-Sotz :: TheWay To Heresy (Hands Production)
Deru :: Trying to Remember (M3rck)
Detritus :: Origin (Ad Noiseam)
Jason Forrest :: Shamelessly Exciting (Sonig)
Jan Jelinek :: Kosmischer Pitch (~scape)
Jamie Lidell :: Multiply (Warp)
Micronaut :: Europa (Positron)
Nurse With Wound :: Shipwreck Radio Volume Two (ICR)
Richard For Cerebellum :: Thoughts That Breathe… Words That Burn (Zhark International)
Venetian Snares :: Rossz Csillag Alatt Született (Planet Mu)

Honorable Mentions

Ah Cama-Sotz :: Ghost in the Shadow (Spectre)
Anaphylaxis :: Noise for Lovers (Parasomnic/Mannequin Oddio)
Bong-Ra/Enduser/Shitmat :: Monsters of Mashup (Ad Noiseam)
Coil :: The Ape of Naples (Threshold House)
Deceptikon :: Lost Subject (M3rck)
The Flashbulb :: Kirlian Selections (Sublight)
Prospero :: Spreading the Infection (sub.session/Brume)
Pneumatic Detach :: [Vis·Cer·A] (Hive)
Prhizzm :: The Prhizzm EP (Benbecula)
Secede :: Tryshasla (Sending Orbs)
Tang Kai :: Fly Away From This Place EP (Camomille)

There’s a few more to list but they’re only the 2005 releases which I haven’t had a chance to hear yet and which might very well knock one of these off the list. But they sort of fall outside this list.

The Hyperbole Machine in Overdrive


This is what happens when I have free time on my hands and am enjoying the records on my desk.

Ah Cama-Sotz :: The Way to Heresy
“…occult chamber music for Lovecraftian sex ceremonies; it will summon virgins (both male and female) to the altar and entice the Black Goat with a Thousand Young out of the Wood. It will lace the tongue of the dominatrix with fire and make the bottoms whimper with eager excitement. Ah, sex magick musick. How I have missed thee. Don’t make me wait so long next time.”

Conrad Newholmes :: Peppermint Styles
“…the coy fluidity of exotica making love in the back room to sex kitten cocktail jazz and blunt-blinded hip-hop. At the same time. And it takes ’em both in a DP session filled with minty freshness.”

I turned in a Top 29 list to Igloo this morning. I’ll post it later when Pietro has a chance to turn it on over there.