You May Start Pre-Ordering Now


LIGHTBREAKER is on Nightshade Books’ Fall Schedule. September-ish. Like, in six months. I am giddy with delight, and probably will be for some time. The cover art hasn’t been posted yet, but the sales blurb is (You should go over there and read it, as it might tempt you enough to click that “I WANT ONE!” button). I am going to slurp up the news brief from the front page, though.

“Also coming in September is newcomer Mark Teppo’s Lightbreaker, an explosive, action-packed occult thriller combining Western magick, Hermetic traditions, and shamanism. Fans of Liz Williams’ Detective Inspector Chen novels are going to be blown away by this one. Beyond good . . . beyond evil . . . Lightbreaker.”

(And I do love the fact that I’m the “also” in the paragraph where they reveal the upcoming Vandermeer-edited Fast Ships, Black Sails pirate anthology.)