Writers and Their Soundtracks


Julie K. Rose has a new podcast/blog called Writers and Their Soundtracks. She grabs some writer and gets them to confess to their darkest, most-secret shame about music and writing, and then posts samples.

No, really, it’s not entirely like that. But she has spotted an on-going fascination that we writers have with music, and the relation between how our words get from head to page and how we see our words translated into moving pictures/sound. Julie’s podcasts are short and to the point (and available via iTunes for the lazy who just want to subscribe and get it dropped on our iPods), and she runs the full transcript off her interview with the writer on the website. So far, she’s got interviews with Adrienne Odasso, Darin Bradley, and Megan Hart, with more to come bi-weekly.

[Yes, she’s asked me to do one for her. I’m having trouble narrowing the soundtrack down to less than three hours of music. Not that anyone is surprised by that.]