Wherein The Writer Loses Control of His Characters


It’s funny how stories twist out from underneath you.

Originally, when I had scoped and plotted Part 6 (the Chess Game), I had wanted to have at least one of the attendant chess piece nodes to be a bit of foreshadowing–a story about someone who we would know was going to die before he did. And I wanted it to be Harry’s fault. Well, maybe not his “fault,” but by his hand so that he had to carry that knowledge with him to that meeting.

So, I’m working up the bit in Part 8 where Harry gets the knife, and I start moving the pieces into place at the end of Part 9 (Sacrifice happens off-stage, essentially, between Dream 9 and Dream 10), when Phil’s sacrifice suddenly becomes . . . not so much a sacrifice . . . but part of The Plan.

Damn it. Now I need to go figure out what really really happened between Phil and Jerry back in 1973, because there’s some payback happening here that I wasn’t planning on.