Where Silence = Writing


Fiddling away with the stacks on my desk. Taxes, for one. Done for a week now. I just need to decide if I’m going to join the 21st century and file electronically. For an Internet-junkie, I am surprisingly loath to make this transition. Not quite sure why, though it might have something to do with the continuing trend of fumble-fingeredness on our governmnet (okay, there, my political commentary for the year).

Of course, now I’ve sent it so it’s all moot.

Anyway, cleared the 70K mark on SOULS today, pushed over the edge with a massive cut and paste from the previous version. Starting to zero in on the finale. Got a few more things to blow up, a journey through darkness to write and a final dizzying ascension into the delightful nothingness that is COMPLETION.

Ah, enough here. I’ve got writing to do. Continued silences on this front only mean one thing: words and stories elsewhere. This is a good thing.

[Completely tangentially to everything here but the soundtracks that go with writing is that Darrin Verhagen (Mr. Shinjuku Thief) has a new record out. Called Devolution, it supposedly marries the noise of E.P.A. with the chaotic soundscapes of his other work. In a word: w00t!]