The Tarot “Reading”


Jonathan Wood [aka thexmedic] has guest edited the latest issue of Behind The Wainscot. Entitled “The Reading”, it is a wild ride through the Tarot. Each of the eighteen authors gets one card (well, Barth Anderson, our resident Tarot expert, throws out two) and about 500 or so words to bake your brain, and the results are delightful. Wood has brought the magic out in all of us.

Ah, yes, “us.” I contributed “Death.” Here’s the full author list, just ’cause it’s a fine, fine group of kids to share a table of contents with.

Paul Abbamondi
Forrest Aguirre
Barth Anderson
Jacquelyn Benson
Hal Duncan
Berrien Henderson
Paul Jessup
Jay Lake
J. M. McDermott
Michelle Muenzler
Cat Rambo
Ekaterina Sedia
Rachel Swirsky
S. Boyd Taylor
“Who Let the Rabbit In?” Teppo
Catherynne M. Valente
Damien G. Walter
Erzebet Yellowboy