The Hyperbole Machine in Overdrive


This is what happens when I have free time on my hands and am enjoying the records on my desk.

Ah Cama-Sotz :: The Way to Heresy
“…occult chamber music for Lovecraftian sex ceremonies; it will summon virgins (both male and female) to the altar and entice the Black Goat with a Thousand Young out of the Wood. It will lace the tongue of the dominatrix with fire and make the bottoms whimper with eager excitement. Ah, sex magick musick. How I have missed thee. Don’t make me wait so long next time.”

Conrad Newholmes :: Peppermint Styles
“…the coy fluidity of exotica making love in the back room to sex kitten cocktail jazz and blunt-blinded hip-hop. At the same time. And it takes ’em both in a DP session filled with minty freshness.”

I turned in a Top 29 list to Igloo this morning. I’ll post it later when Pietro has a chance to turn it on over there.