Talking about the Work of Others


Finally turned in my review of Ian McDonald’s River of Gods to Strange Horizons. Loved the book, froze terribly when I actually had to write about it. Spent most of the weekend dodging the page and, after getting words down, spent the rest of the weekend avoiding what had been written. [sigh] It gets better, as I remember. I used to get like this when I had to do profiles and interviews for Earpollution. None of them ever totally sucked, but that didn’t stop me from going all squirrelly when I had to actually put them together. Funny how practice works, isn’t it?

I printed out the book during the last few days and am going to lose myself in it this week. I’m going to try to read it through without getting caught up in the line-by-line and that effort will probably last until, oh, page 20 or so. I do need to give it a high overview to visualize the six or eight bits that I need to tweak without getting all caught up in the minutia. So, after the once-over comes the comb-through, all of which means LJ posting will probably consist of random mutterings about aspects of the book that no one will really follow but me. In advance, I’d like to say: sorry about that.

Meanwhile, the novel-imposed exile from Igloo has been broken and, over the last few weeks, I’ve gotten a little silly over a few records. Shulman’s Random Thoughts (from Israel-based world trance label, Aleph-Zero); Gjöll’s Way Through Zero (another interesting release from Ant-Zen, always dodging the pigeon-holing); Saul Stokes’ Vast (on SF-based ambient lable, Foundry); Phonºnoir’s Putting Holes in October Skies, a rather engaging bit of emo-glitch; Tor Lundvall’s Empty City (which Lundvall himself was nice enough to say that I captured his intent on the record very well); and Loess’ Wind and Water (another surprising release from n5md, not quite what I expected at all). There, what I’ve been listening to over the last month. Well, when I’ve not been engaging in chaos magick with Mourning Sun.