Spooky Holiday Readings


I tore myself away from Oracle last night (well, okay, I shoved the keyboard away, flipped off my monitor, and said, “Later, doglicker. Just keep throwing those errors all weekend.”), and dashed up the street to the University Bookstore to catch Caitlin Kittredge and Cherie Priest read. Both were a hoot, reading samples from Second Skin and Fathom respectively. I was left feeling like I didn’t need to visit a morgue or go swimming in the ocean any time soon, so those two things are off my list of possible holiday activities.

I liked Cherie’s Eden Moore series quite a bit, and with Dreadful Skin, she’s shown a ready voice at historically-flavored fantasy, and so I’m looking forward to reading Fathom, which takes place in the early part of the 20th century and has lots of monsters. Big ones, too, I hear.

Caitlin’s another of the local urban fantasy crew that I’ve been meaning to read, and the bit she read from Second Skin was nicely paced and suitably creepy. Especially the zombie voice she did for the monster lady. “Meeeaaaatttt.” Yeah, monsters are always worse when they talk to you as they try to eat you. Anyway, Second Skin isn’t out until March, so we’ll have to settle for the first two books in the Nocturne City series. I know, bummer. TWO books to read first.