Now, I’m a big fan of sound and I can get pretty wrapped up in ambient music and the whole discussion about what “ambient” really is. I fell in love with the Buddha Machine immediately and was fascinated with what others did with the loops (as in Robert Henke of Monolake fame, as well as a cast of characters for Staubgold’s Jukebox Buddha) — in fact, I made some favorable noises about all three over at Igloo recently (three-pack review here). So, you’ve got a box that makes (somewhat) random loop structures. You’ve got ambienteers making songs out of loops and environmental noises. What else could a young boy in love with sound want?

Well, how about this? The Ambient Addition. It’s a walkman that contains a pair of binaural mikes, a DSP chip, and some of its own loops. Put on the earbuds and everyone thinks you’re doing Apple’s isolation game. Nope. You’re actually listening to randomly generated ambient music that is sourced from your surroundings.