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Swiping a progress report format from matociquala. It makes the silences when I’m off writing madly seem less like silences (or just not filled with reports of “wrote some words today, killed half of them later”).


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WIP bit of the day: “Fire beats air. It was an alchemical game of Roshambo.”
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I’m discovering the downside of the way I work (forty minute blocks three times a day): it makes for unwanted repetition in the writing. I’m trying to plow ahead and reach the end, partly because I want to be done but also because I’m afraid that I going to forget things I’ve dreamed up in the interim parts of the day. As such, I repeat myself as I go along. The trouble with going back and re-reading what I wrote that morning is that I spend too much time editing it and not getting new work down. It threatens to become the dreaded “1st chapter loop.” But it is also means that even if/when I finish a draft, I have a lot of work to still do on the book. Man, it’s a dark despair hanging over me and I’m trying not to get knocked completely off course by it. I do have elements which have been fully realized in The Third Work that I need to more properly foreshadow in The First and Second Works, but I think I want to power through to the end of the Third before I break out the red pen.

Ultimatly though I need to figure out a better solution for the day-to-day, minute-by-minute process because this isn’t going to work in the long run. When I spend four months writing a draft of a book, I don’t want to immediately start over and do the same thing again for the next four months.