Small Fires = Small Goals


Poking around at things tonight. I’ve broken the book down into chunks that can (hopefully) fit into my schedule. The goal is to rewrite a chapter a day and I can already tell that isn’t going to happen. Some of the chapters are going to be marginally edited and some are going to be thrown out completely so it’s going to be hard to keep up though, in some ways, a full rewrite is going to be easier than the drudgery of cutting and pasting.

Most of the heavy plot issues have been worked out in my head. Having swiped something that jaylake mentioned a while back, I’ve gotten all the threads scratched out (point –> point –>) which is a hell of a lot easier than actually writing them down (thanks, Jay!). And, in IM conversation with omokage today, I hit a nugget of mental gold which might make this whole rewrite process a bit easier.

I love writing; I really love the moment when the sparks come and my whole brain ignites. But the trouble has been that such ignition (in the past) only comes after several hours of sustained work, of earnest mental effort, and I just don’t have that luxury anymore. I work in half hour to hour spurts, scattered throughout the day. And, doing intensive edits lends itself to more fine combing of material. I’m not so much throwing paint on the canvas anymore as I’m working off a heavily gridded structure. It’s not the same sort of fun and it’s harder to see the grandiose BIG PICTURE. It was one of those moments today when I realized that, like every big project that you’ve broken down into digestable chunks so that the whole project can be accomplished, you have to crumble up your enthusiasm so that it can be applied to the little pieces as well. Small fires, burning all the way to the horizon. They make a trail which you can follow.

Back to Chapter 4. Chapter 7 is the goal by Sunday evening.