Serial Novel Update: Part 8


Well, here we are. First the of the month again, and another installment of Harry Potemkin’s surreal adventures in Dreamland.

Last month, we left Harry being rather undignified at Nora’s wedding, as he got all maudlin and jumped on the coffin (or, rather, lost his mind and fell in the hole–it’s all a matter of perspective, isn’t it?). Now, we follow him down into the deepdark, that place beneath the dream where identity gets slippery and the voices get really noisy. Yep, this is the month where Harry really truly loses his mind. And, since he’s gone bonkers, there’s no way for us to sneak into the other story lines this month. We just have to stick with our guide, until he can find his way back.

No cheat sheet this month, because there is only one route through the new content. Well, two. But, you’ll see. It’s hard to get lost on the links this time.