Serial Novel, Part Six


Part Six of The Oneiromantic Mosaic of Harry Potemkin is available. We have reached the halfway point, and to celebrate the confusion of all those interwoven threads that are lying behind us, this month has a streamlined node structure. Mostly. Actually, it’s part of the intent of this chapter. This month, the ONLY links from the dream are the supporting nodes. So, you can’t get lost. Well, not immediately.

What happens this month? Well, it starts off as a chess game, turns into an exercise in how to pout badly when you lose, and then offers us a peek behind the curtain. This is the hesitation at on the mountaintop, like the long slow pull of the rollercoaster up the curve of the arc. You pause for a second at the top, get a glimpse of the land, and then gravity takes over.

Don’t forget to check out nvonflue‘s art this month (the last banner on the dream will take you the art) as he’s done a good trick here. Mainly because his illustration speaks a bit to a later reveal than to what happens in the dream. I found this to be a lovely syncronicity, more so because he didn’t know the clue when he did the picture.