Serial Novel, Part 7


Lots of spookiness this time around. Harry, Part 7 has been published over at Farrago’s Wainscot. This is Funeral of the White Queen, both a continuation of the chess game from last month and a visitation/echo of Nora’s passage. It’s where Harry loses his mind, finally, and falls under the influence of Bleak Zero.

Elsewhere, there’s a few more entries from Dr. Ehirllimbal’s Amazon journal, some observations from Safiq Al-Kahir in his exile, a topical discussion about the nature of memory (as well as an entry where memory is confused), and a bit of hysteria from the oneironauts on alt.o.e. Oh, just a little hysteria (as well as one of my favorite bits that I’ve been sitting on for several months now, waiting for the right time to reveal it; and the reveal has apparently done its work: I spooked editor man pretty good).

Anyway, here’s your cheat sheet for this month. The following charts the new content for July. Other links you might find are both distractions and further illuminations. As always.

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We’ll be, hopefully, back on track in August. The Eighth Dream is much shorter. Most psychotic breakdowns are pretty incomprehensible to follow and, well, once you’ve spent a few minutes with one, it all starts to run together, you know?