Sectioning and Procrastinating


In an effort to make the numbers dance for me, I’ve broken the book down into five major sections, creating digestible sized chunks that I can see the end of and not get lost in the journey reaching that end. Conveniently, they sort of fell into week long projects (er, two week projects, yeah, that’s it). Section One was finished last week, and I’m starting work on SEC-2 this week. I have the high points to hit and the first draft to work from and today was spent rearranging things in my head to make them all work to my satisfaction.

There is one sequence that I’ve had with this book since the very first image dump (I used to run up a movie trailer in my head about the book when I first started working on it to get a look and feel impression and hit some notes that were big energy points). It’s one of two or three that have been fairly defining moments for a long time. It got cut today. Sort of bummed about it, but there was too much behind the scenes baggage that had to be handled to get everyone in place for it to happen and, frankly, it no longer meets the KISS principle (keep it simple, stupid), so SNIP!

I’ll make up for it later.

Busy procrastinating with a shiny new toy that will make me type faster. Really, it will. Unless I overload it with widgets. Man, my wife puts up with a lot.