Search Strings


Here’s a treat. Recent search queries that resulted in people visiting the Potemkin Mosaic (and I’ve taken out some of the un-interesting ones like “begins” and “dream”).

– black fluid coming from mouth of dying person (twice!)
– psychic anchors
– vicg-d azyr
– decode 415 251521 11141523
– knights head images
– oil painting of man s face in hand held mirror
– raven dove tattoo
– poison message spam
– historical background of suit and hat hanger stand
– knight to c3 opening
– goodbye nora
– mirror mirror on the wall bitch queen
– neal von flue
– i just cant break myself away. i can feel her on my skin i can taste her on my tongue
– phantom veil fabrics
– turn the taps on and blood comes out dream
– the symbolism of a chicken
– king’s pawn gambit
– antique norse sailors
– spirtual armor
– extra tall slim storm lanterns
– how many years of school to be a oneirologist
– safiq al-kahir
– sensory deprivation study
– hand been bitten off in a dream

* – “neal von flue” – It’s nice to see that folk are looking for his art. Yeah for Neal.

* – “goodbye nora” – What prompts someone to plug that in to a search engine?

* – “safiq al-kahir” – Since I invented this guy, I wonder why it crops up in the search engine as if someone didn’t know where to find it. If you know the name, one would think you’d know the source. Right?

* – “how many years of school to be a oneirologist” – I’d like to know the answer to that one too, and which school offers the degree.

* – “turn the taps on and blood comes out dream” & “hand been bitten off in a dream” – Boy, those who hit the Mosaic asking for help on their dream symbolism are in trouble. Sorry about that.

* – “decode 415 251521 11141523” – Sorry about this one too. I’m running a different replacement scheme.

And some of them are odd searches for things I don’t recall being in the Mosaic, but I know are showing up PSYCHOBABEL, which causes my brain to twist itself in an even tighter contortion trying to keep this all straight.