Screw-on Head


I’m busy trying to get a few other things done and have little to offer at the moment. I’ve got a new review up at Strange Horizons: Chris Roberson’s Paragaea. Parts of it I really enjoyed, other parts (like the main character) not so much. I’m happy to see that Roberson has recently sold his “prequel,” featuring Hieronymus Bonaventure to Solaris Books. I liked Mr. Bonaventure and I’m looking forward to seeing him again. At Roberson’s Paragaea site, you can download an e-version of the book if you’re so inclined.

Beyond that, I heartily recommend visiting the Sci-Fi Channel’s site where they are offering the full pilot of Mike Mignola’s Amazing Screw-on Head. Yeah, the world is a better place with this sort of lunacy available on the boob tube. Go watch it. Fill out the questionaire. Let’s get this show picked up.

Wait! Hellboy Animated? Damnit, whose job was it to keep me up to…oh, wait, me. Anyway, Hellboy animated. Yeehaw!