Sale News


Distracted by a few hundred things, not the least of which are kids, kids, CDs, stories, and a novel idea that has decided — damnit! — that it needs to sprout now. I need to drag myself out of all that for a moment to mention that “How the Mermaid Lost Her Song” sold to Strange Horizons over the weekend.

It’s in the Metaphysical Detective milieu, but by the time it actually gets published, we’ll have given him a name. So, yes, I’ll also collecting obscure slightly creepy Victorian names right now.

Anyway, it’s my first pro sale. Bemused, excited, still not quite sure it actually happened. We took Solomon to the zoo on Saturday to celebrate. Seems like a perfectly good reward: taking the kids places that make them laugh and bounce up and down with glee. He had a really good time looking at fish and riding the carousel.