Reason #1334 For Switching Back to Mac


I sold my old HP laptop last night. It had been sitting around under my desk for the last six months, getting in the way, and while I loved this husky monster of a machine, it’s just too unwieldy to haul around on the train. So, craiglist and gone. The guy who was buying it asked me why I was letting go of the machine and I said, “I’ve gone back to Macs.” He made that face and shrugged, giving off the “what a moron” vibe. A couple minutes later, I mention Vista and he goes off on a long tear about what a piece of shit that OS is.

Dude, I know. Why do you think I went back to the elegance of the Mac?

Speaking of elegance, Mac Heist is doing their yearly package deal. $50 gets you 11 sweet little apps (it was ten earlier today; between when I got the package and got home, they added one, and I still got it as part of the deal). There’s a robust little graphic app, an accounting app, an alarm clock, a sexy little iTunes album art app/mp3 player, a task manager, a CSS editor, and a few others.

$50.00. For ALL OF THEM.

And, 25% of that goes to charity. You can pick from several or split it among the whole list.

Not only are you not going to see this sort of deal on the PC side of the fence, probably half of them wouldn’t work for shit with Vista. I’m just saying . . .