Psychic Possession


I’m working through a line edit of SOULS, just to clean it up once more before I turn it in, and the protagonist, Markham, has moved into my dreams. Had one last night where a newborn infant had been possessed by the vengeful spirit of its asshole father and I kept trying to save the child, making with the slippery in the dream. Markham finally pitched the baby off a cliff. There. Done. Stop trying to save what shouldn’t be saved.

I mean, I know the innocent soul was gone, and I knew that the only thing within that tiny body was foul and filled with revenge, but it was the cold finality with how he acted that made me stop dreaming and get up. And it didn’t help at all that he was responsible for the man’s death in the first place.

I . . . uh . . . yeah. Talk about “killing your darlings.”