Progress Report – Vital Signs Check


In Chicago right now at Oracle training (RMAN – whoooo!), living la vida loca on a 2-hour timeshift. Training is all of a ten minute walk from my hotel so my usual 2 hour commute (one way) is, well, time I’ve stolen back from the gods.

8000 words last night. I think. It’s hard to remember. 2am (local) when I quit. Slept in until 8am (8!!). Felt like a lazy SOB for lying in bed so long. Still had an hour to read the paper and watch people.

Jesus. I spend 4 hours commuting every day. Sure, nearly two of that is writing time and another hour of it is exercise, but still. 4 fucking hours.

I’m three chapters from the end. Maybe 4 if I drag it out. I could finish tonight. At which point I’ll start drinking everything in the mini bar and watching porn on the TV. I’m on an expense account after all.